About Us

Kirk and Deby Dearman
are pioneers in worship and the arts, whose songs have been recorded and sung around the world. As singer/songwriters and recording artists, they have been involved in multiple areas of the arts. Deby started in the fashion industry in Dallas as a model for the Kim Dawson Agency, while Kirk spent time doing studio work as a session singer and keyboard player. He also served on two church staffs, leading worship and writing worship music.  


With an adventurous spirit and a call to world missions, they eventually moved their young family to Europe, where they wrote a worship musical that toured cathedrals. Putting together teams of musicians and dancers, they toured for seven years. During their time in Europe they helped form a thriving international artist ministry/community named Creative Arts Europe that is still flourishing today, under the leadership of their dear friends, Jim and Anne Mills. 

While touring Europe, their song, "We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise," was being translated into every major language and sung in churches worldwide. The song ranked in the Top Ten for ten straight years on the charts of CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing, International.) 

Back to the States 

After returning to the States in 1991, Kirk and Deby settled in Nashville, TN, where they were signed as worship writers with Star Song Records after recording their first worship project in England. They continued to write and have their songs published and recorded by Maranatha! Music, Integrity Music and Word Records.  


                                                        Come to the Quiet                                                                                  

ll across the U.S. Their style of soothing, reverential music was the perfect match for the healing ministry, so they eventually teamed up with Conlee and Signa Bodishbaugh, directors of The Journey to Wholeness in Christ. Having ministered together for 25 years, these two couples have led inner healing conferences in Europe and a

Not long after their move to Nashville, Kirk and Deby sensed the Lord leading them to the Episcopal church, with a vision of helping with its worship renewal. They eventually became Anglicans, and the call came with a sense of helping create worshipful music to enhance liturgy and  inspire awe and reverence. This led to the creation of 'Come to the Quiet,' a candlelight, multi-sensory, thematic worship encounter that culminated in the Eucharist. Kirk and Deby feel that 'Come to the Quiet' is their crowning achievement. These services stirred the senses and drew huge audiences. People were often lingering for hours after a service because the atmosphere was so imbued with the presence of God, they didn't want to leave.

'Come to the Quiet' consisted of a myriad of talented artists who joined the Dearmans' efforts, encouraging a renaissance of the arts. 'Come to the Quiet' is a litugical-style worship movement that invites the presence of God to flow through creative endeavors, so that others may encounter God through the window of the arts.
The Dearmans were also added to the list of rotating, regular worship leaders for The Billy Graham Training Center, in Asheville, North Carolina. They were paired with leaders such as Dr. Neil T Anderson, pastor Gordon McDonald and popular Christian author Ken Gire.   

Over the years Kirk and Deby have coached songwriters, led conferences for artists, nurtured the creative soul, and have encouraged many fellow creatives towards wholeness and productivity.  


Still living in Nashville, Deby is teaching art classes and painting daily. Kirk is the worship director at a local Anglican church and is presently working on his first book on the power and majesty of music. The book will be co-authored by Dr. Neil T. Anderson, founder and president of Freedom in Christ Ministries, and author of many published works, including The Bondage Breaker and Victory Over the Darkness.  

Kirk also continues to record his calming instrumental CDs, with twelve recordings to his credit. 

Kirk and Deby are true "psalmists." They are known for their refreshing style of leading worship, with just a piano. Their music is often referred to as "ethereal," "heavenly," "reverential," and "healing and poetic."