What Others Are Saying

"The Dearmans have been a driving force in our worship culture from day one. They moved me as a young believer, and they move me now."
~ Margaret Becker, three-time Dove Award-winning Christian singer/songwriter

"The Dearman's worship offers you a quiet escape to an intimate place of holiness, reverence and deep peace. Join the journey with the Dearmans as they do what they do best!"  ~ Jeff Slaughter, European Worship Institute, Brussels, Belgium 

"There is something special when the heart of God and the heart of man unite. Kirk and Deby have long been fixtures in the praise and worship community and knowing them personally I can say that they have the blessing and anointing of God on their lives and thier music."~Kim Deardorff, NRB Network, Kawai Piano Artist, Nashville, Tennessee 

"The presence of the Lord is so real when the Dearman's lead worship. Their music and the prayers take you right to the heart of God. In this fast-paced world, they helps you slow down and focus on God alone, His presence, and His peace. ~Anna Greeen, A Fan, Smyrna, Tennessee 

" 'The Calm' by Kirk Dearman is a rare gem. It delivers what many other recordings have promised and almost never do. Its warm and often Celtic-influenced melodies, simple yet thoughtful harmonizations and gently pulsing rhythms are the very essence of 'calm.' No matter how hectic your day, this music will help usher you into the Lord's rest, help you savor His deep shalom and rest in His 'calm.' "
~ Darrell A. Harris, Dean of the chapel, The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies

" I Samuel 16:23 tells us that when an evil spirit overtook Saul, David was summoned to 'calm' him by playing the harp. And I believe Kirk's exquisite musical stylings will have a similar calming effect on you as you set yourself apart from the stress and busyness of your life to experience Kirk's music.. Like King David, my dear friend and brother Kirk is also a master musician and a man after God’s own heart."
~ Carol Tornquist, Keyboard Editor for Lifeway Christian Resources

"Rarely am I impacted by any CD that actually brings about the effect that it is advertised to do, but this latest recording by Kirk Dearman did just that. 'The Calm' left me feeling calm. If you want to slow down and center your soul in Christ, you will love 'The Calm.' "
~ Dr. Neil T. Anderson, best-selling author and Founder and President Emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries

"I consider peaceful music one of the non-negotiable elements of a productive day. 'The Calm' brings rest to my soul and opens me up to hear God’s voice as I write. Thanks, Kirk, for finding and sharing your gift and passion!"
~ Dan Miller, popular life coach and New York Times best-selling author of 48 Days To The Work You Love and No More Mondays

" 'The Calm' is a very appropriately titled CD from pianist/composer, Kirk Dearman. The beautiful piano pieces on this CD are incredibly refreshing and peaceful. Other light instrumentation, such as flute fills, are nicely sprinkled into some of these wonderful tracks. Our favorites are the romantic, light, and moderate melodies of "Requiem For A Friend" and "Wash Over Me." Moreover, this CD exhibits top- notch production. Close your eyes as you listen to this CD, and let the calming effect relieve your tension."
~ Radioindy.com

Also from RadioIndy.com:
"RadioIndy is proud to present Kirk Dearman a GrIndie Award for their CD 'The Calm.' A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment. 5 stars!!"

'Kirk, LOVE your music. It has entered the rotation of music played in our home. So worshipful and peaceful. 
~ Mel Tunney, Dove Award-winning Christian Artist

"Just listened to a boatload of songs on your site. Wonderful music suffused with a longing for the Spirit of God. You are such a gifted and musical player and the songs have a gentle humility that makes them so approachable."
~  Mark Gershmehl, Nashville Christian artist, 22 Dove award nominations, two Grammy nods, and over 1.5 million record sales

"Your music makes me cry sometimes. It brings reflection and clarity to my life. It grounds me and makes me feel whole again when I find myself in pieces. It helps me gather my thoughts when I am confused. It helps 'center' me when I feel unbalanced. It has been with me while recovering from heart operations. It has brought comfort and peace when I have been scared, lying all alone in a hospital bed. It's like an old friend I need to visit every once in a while to confide in and seek reassurance; to see the sunshine in the notes, and to hear and feel the smile of its warming rays. The piano strings temporarily become mine ... gripping my heart and soul in a sweet escape; the keys, that ever-so-gently are touched, sooth and caress me- just as if they were the hand of God."  ~ A Fan

"Have you ever heard something that sounded so incredibly 'right', so 'spot on' and 'one' with yourself, that it brought you to tears? Music so soul-speaking and familiar that it seems that it might as well come straight from you, but you know that you didn't compose it? Strange huh? That's how your music is to me. It's like being wrapped in a warm blanket when the world around me is a blizzard."
~ Angelie Lipscomb, singer/songwriter