I bring the stresses of the world to my easel and then work through them on my canvas. With each stroke I deposit prayers, dreams and often tears into my paintings. Painting is great therapy!”

— Deby Dearman

The online course is now ready. We will begin on July 17th! It's a five week course of interaction and instruction. Registration begins July 1st. 

Email me at debydearman@mac.com to let me know that you are interested.

I started Deby's online classes as sort of a trial run for her. They are different from any other online classes I have taken. She does not guide me through each step, asking me to imitate what she does. Instead, she demonstrates a painting, explaining why she does it, and then encourages me to be creative and HAVE FUN! This is my first time using acrylics (so different from my usual watercolors) and it is messy but much more forgiving. I am learning a lot about mixing, blending, and layering lights and darks. She also encourages me to use unusual techniques to apply the paint (think paper towels, fingers, knife, skewer, gauze, etc). The classes are just like being in Deby's home with her and chatting away while painting. It's very affordable, too! Let's do it together and share our projects on the Painting With Prayers Facebook page!Signa Bodishbaugh



"Deby Dearman is one of the most talented people I know. Finding her voice in the form of paint and canvas has been a true inspiration to me and to many others. She is the epitome of putting HEART in her ART. Her ability to help others delve into themselves and bring beauty into the world is contagious!"

Joanne Miller, author, artist, speaker at 48Days