Painting with Prayers Online Class Supply List


Paint Colors - I recommend Heavy Body Acrylic Paints ( I use Liquitex) 

Titanium White 

Titan Buff 

Cadmium Yellow Med 

Cadmium Yellow Dark 

Cadmium Red Light 

Cadmium Red Med 

Ultramarine Blue 

Prussian Blue 

Teal Blue 

Light Blue Permanent 

Burnt Umber 

Paynes Gray 

Additional Supplies 

Gesso - in white or clear 

Watercolor Paper ( 140 lb. cold press) 

Large sheets that can be cut in to various sizes 

Protective Cover for your work space table ( I use a plastic tablecloth) 

Palette Knives ( medium metal ones) 

Paint Brushes ( use your favorite - I like flats, brights and filberts) 

You’ll want a small liner brush, med and large brushes 

Board or panel to tape your watercolor paper to 

A spray bottle - you can buy one, or re-purpose one you already have in your cleaning supplies. 

A skewer/toothpick/nail or any sharp object you can use to scratch away paint to create an object. 


Paper Towels 

Chalk - one stick of white chalk will do 

2 Canvases 8x10 - or whatever you may have 

Paper - Colored paper (1 or 2 sheets) or pages torn from a book, or special 

textured paper from art store. Just needs to be paper where you like the color and design. 

You will also need to have a hair dryer handy!