1. Red Sea Song



Trapped between the enemy
and the Red Sea
I can hear the thundering roar of chariots racing toward me
Though I feel the rush of fear as the enemy draws near
Before the waters part,
I lift my hands, I lift my heart

Lord, I bring a song of praise to You
On this side
I choose to stand in faith and trust in You
On this side
Of the Red Sea
Make a way for me
Through the Red Sea
Lord, I believe

Remembering how You've led me through the wilderness
I recall each past deliverance and Your faithfulness
I don’t always understand Your purposes and plans
Still I choose by faith to say
“My God will make a way!”

You are faithful
You are able
You will lead me
Through this Red Sea
You are my Strength
You are my Song
I believe with all my heart
I will see the waters part

©Kirk & Deby Dearman