Painting with Prayers Art Class

Deby Dearman gives you permission to play again. Escape the chaos of this world and recall the joy of sitting down with a new box of crayons and manila paper; to use your fingers and paper towels to make messes, and then with a few simple techniques, transform your messes into masterpieces.

This class takes the fear out of painting and allows you the freedom to explore, take risks and have some good ole fun! 

We enter the world of creativity where there are no limits. 


Class Info:

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or need more info:


Painting with Prayers 6 Week Session
  • Painting with Prayers 6 Week Session

Painting with Prayers 6 Week Session

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Supply List

  • Table easel - can get one at Hobby Lobby or Michaels - about $8.00 - some of us are painting flat on the table and not using an easel at all
  • Water bottle (so you’ll have a drink on hand)
  • Apron or Paint Shirt
  • Palette or Palette Paper
  • Canvas to paint on (small or medium) might bring several. 8x10 & 9x12
  • Metal palette knives (2 or 3 sizes) I like the kind that dip down from the handle.
  •  Paint brushes (2 or 3, small to medium) Flats, filberts or brights.

You'll also want a very tiny liner brush for painting small detail.

Acrylic paints  -  *Liquitex Heavy Body Paints that can be found at Michaels and Hobby Lobby  or Online. 

 As you discover your favorite colors and color palettes I can make suggestions on which paints to purchase.

    I look forward to seeing you in class!

    Please message me with questions: